Poker Fusion Poker Payout
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Tournament Info Screen

A - Per Player Fee This is the amount you collected for each entry into the tournament.
B - Total Number of Players The number of people in your tournament. This will be multiplied by the per player fee.
C - Total Places Paid The number of places that will receive prizes, up to 10.
D - House $ Bonus In If you have extra money for prizes from a sponsor, the amount goes in here.
E - House Flat $ Rake If you are paying a fee to the house to use their facility, the dollar amount goes here.
F - House Player Rake If you are paying a per-person fee to the house to use the facility, the per player amount goes in here. Items E & F can be used together, such as the house getting $25 plus $5 per person.
G - Rebuy Money In If you have collected money for re-buys and/or add-ons, the total amount collected for these goes in here.
Calculate Results The app will calculate your monies In and out and show you the total prize money available for prizes.